Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tim's Fishing Journal

I just finished this fishing journal for Tim, my niece's (Tracie) husband. When they were at our house this last weekend Tracie was looking at the fishing journal I had created for Bob. She commented about it and said that she thought it would make a great birthday gift for Tim. I started the book on Monday and have just finished it. I had leftover scraps of fishing related papers and I had saved a word document that I created when I made the first fishing journal for Bob.... so it was easy. I used my 'Carl's Tozicle Binding system' to bind the book and now I remember why I don't use it more often. Even though the covers are only created with thin cardboard, once I attached the decorative scrapbook paper, I could not fit the cover into the punch because of the thickness. I could punch through the 'naked' cardboard just fine... which is what I did. Then after I attached the paper I had to use an exacto knife to create the binding openings.

I think that Tim does much of his fishing on Lake Michigan. He and his family don't live far; they live in Port Washington which is right on the west shore of the lake. I found this map by searching online, copied it, and then shrunk it to fit the inside cover of the journal. I used a couple of my stamps to fill the top and bottom space.
On the right side I printed a couple of fishing cartoons I found online that I thought were pretty funny.

Here's a sample of what the inside pages look like. The page on the left provides categories of information that Tim may want to record for each fish he catches and chooses to journal in this book. The page on the right is blank so that if Tim has a picture of the fish he can attach it to this page. Not all of the journal pages have the same heading at the top of the page. I think there are four variations, but I just took a picture of this one.

This is the inside of the back cover. I found the pics of these fish when I did a search online for the Lake Michigan map. These are the fish typically caught in that lake... and I think, the fish that Tim usually catches when he goes out.

Here's a look at the back cover. All I did was cover the cardboard with a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. I've used this same paper on a couple other fishing journals I've created. I was glad that I had some leftover to use on Tim's book.
Tim's birthday is in June... so it will be awhile before I need to get this to him. I hope my niece is right and that Tim likes the journal and gets some use from it.

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