Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sudoku ATC's - Round 2

Our WI Art Camp Group had so much fun with our first round of Sudoku ATC's that we've decided to do it again. This time we'll have 8 people instead of 7 since Mary has decided to join us... YEA!!!
Here are my backgrounds. I didn't realize until doing this posting to the blog that my backgrounds for this second round look a bit similar to the backgrounds I made for the first!!! But, these were created differently. I used 3 colors of reinkers: beach ball yellow/posh rainbow inks, sailboat blue/posh rainbow inks, and soft lilac/memories. I placed droplets of each of these inks (more of the yellow than the others) across a sheet of glossy card stock, I then sprayed with water, and then layed another sheet of glossy card stock on top of the first. I smoshed and twisted the 2 sheets together and then pulled them apart. If there were any white spots I smoshed the 2 sheets together again. I really like this look, so even though my color scheme may be similar to our first round I'm sticking with these backgrounds. Our swap starts the first week in April so I will wait a while before mailing these to Maggi... or I can take them over to her house on Monday since we have our shoebox night then.

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