Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoebox homework

At June's shoebox get together Bonnie gave us some things to take home and make something with!!! I chose 3 flowers, 3 buttons, and a small pink tag. I should have taken a picture of the pieces before I started on my 'homework', but I forgot!!!
I used a word stamp on the flowers, colored the buttons with a copper krylon pen, and stamped a get well sentiment on the pink tag. the rest of the items used to make this card were in my craft stash.
I'm anxious to see what the other 'shoebox' ladies create with the items they took home!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage Christmas cards

I recently joined an online crafting group and decided to join a swap that required creating 6 vintage Christmas cards. Once the swap closes in July I'll find out who to send these to.
For all of these cards I used some decorative Christmas themed card stock that I've had for 2 or 3 years. I'm trying to use what is in my 'stash' before I go buy any more. And, for each of these cards I used vintage Christmas images that I found on the internet and then printed on matte photo paper.
For both of these 2 cards I used spellbinders nestabilities to cut the circular images and then cut a frame for each. I also used the fancy buckle nestabilities and cut some gold buckles to use with the ribbon.

I used spellbinders nestabilities to cut each of the images and then to create frames for each.
On the left I used a felt decorative mitten as an embellishment. I can't remember where I had purchased it, but it was a couple years ago and I bought green mittens, as well as some other christmas shapes.
On the right I used some decorative printed ribbon that a friend of mine found for me.

On these 2 cards I used snowflakes that were created using a sizlets die. The die contains 2 sizes of snowflake. I cut some using white sparkly paper and then cut the smaller snowflake using green and gold decorative cardstock to match each of the cards. I also used some of my spellbinders nestabilities to cut out the images and to create a frame around each.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Recycled christmas

I've been saving bits and pieces of Christmas cards we've received. This last weekend I rummaged through the box and pulled out images that I could use to create christmas cards. It is never too early to start... is it?? These 3 are created using images that were on hand made cards and I'm hoping that the friend or family member that created the original card is not offended that I reused part of their card. If someone were to do that to a card I had created I would be flattered.... It means that I loved the image so much that I wanted to share it with others. I didn't reuse the pieces because I was lazy!!! Honest!!!
These 3 cards were also made using pieces of hand made cards we had received. They are just too pretty to keep hidden in a box and definitely too precious to end up in the trash. I hope that the friends or family members that receive these in 2011 will enjoy them as much as we did.

Here are cards I've created using pieces of 'store bought' christmas cards. Again, these are taken from cards that we received from family or friends. I loved the images and knew they would be great additions to hand made cards.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome Charlie

Just last week my friend, Cara, sent me an email saying she was a 'grandma'. I was about to fall off my chair when I read the rest of the email which explained that her daughter and her friend had gotten a bulldog puppy!!! Well, I said "send me some pictures". I love making up cards using pictures of dogs.
Now the funny thing is that Cara has never been a 'dog person', but she tells me she is in love with this little girl; her name is Charlie. I'm hoping to get these to Cara in the next couple of days since it is Brandon's (her daughter's friend) birthday soon.
Here are 4 more cards. I have such a wide selection of decorative card stock that is dog-themed that I was able to use a different paper for each of the 10 cards I made. These pictures were taken on Memorial Day weekend when Courtney and her friend, Brandon, brought Charlie over to meet her 'grandparents'!
Even though Charlie is just a pup, she looks pretty big in these pictures.
Here are the last 2. I had fun making these cards; although, at times I felt a little sad too since we don't have our Molly anymore. I still have more dog themed paper and embellishments so I'm ready to make more. I know my friend will enjoy these cards.

Christmas in June

Am I crazy??? Making Christmas cards in June!! Well, I bought a new stamp a couple of weeks ago at a stamp convention in Milwaukee and had to try it. The image is made by Heartfelt Creations. I stamped and colored with watercolor pencils; then later I added the glitter. I used a cuttlebug border along the bottom of the card and then highlighted the snowflakes with a glitter gel pen. I'm working at using up 'stuff' I already have so I was able to use some decorative christmas themed paper and some ribbon.