Monday, December 21, 2009

Diagonal Tri-Fold Card

I used 2 images and one of the sentiments from Sweetpea Plate #17 when creating this diagonal tri-fold card.
The basics of this card design are:
- a 3 1/2 x 10 1/2" piece for the base. This piece is scored at 3 1/2 and 7" with both ends folded to the middle
- then score each end of the base piece on a diagonal, with both scores performed in the same direction. At each end of the base these are folded to the front of the card. This is confusing and may be better understood by looking at some of the following pictures.
- cut a piece of decorative card stock to 3 1/4 x 3 1/4". This will be used on the front panel. Then cut this piece in half on the diagonal and adhere to the 2 triangles that are the front panel of the card.

The angel image I used on the front panel was stamped with india black ink onto a piece of card stock that I had sprayed with homemade color mists I created using water and pearl ex.
The angel image attached to the front panel is only attached to the upper left triangle of the card front. To open this card untie the ribbon and then flip the left side open.
When I created this card I taped the ribbon onto the card behind the image used on the card front. You wouldn't need to permanently attach the ribbon.

Now, flip open the right side and you can see how the card looks opened. I used another image and a sentiment from the same plate (#17). The angel image is a duplicate of the image used on the front panel... just in miniature form. And the sentiment is perfect for this card and for someone special... "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
The miniature angel images were stamped with black india ink onto an alcohol ink created background. I stamped the sentiment with denim adirondack dye ink.
Here's another look at the open card so that you can see how the folds work to create this card. I think that if you google 'diagonal tri-fold card' you may find other examples of this design.
You can find these stamps at Sweetpea Stamps.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Easel Card

I'll bet you create cards pretty enough to display!!! Then here's just the card design for you... an easel card. I used one of the Ching-Chou Kuik images and a sentiment on Sweetpea plate# 20. After stamping the image on white card stock with black india ink, I painted it with Twinkling H2O's, and then trimmed around the image. I attached the image to a piece of decorative card stock that was cut to 3 3/4 x 4" . At this point I inserted a white snowflake eyelet in each of the corners. I threaded decorative fiber through the eyelets and tied in the back to secure. Then I attached this to a piece of pale pink card stock that was cut to 4 x 4 1/4". This is the front of the card and is attached to the base of the card as described below next to the picture showing a side view of this easel card.
On the inside of this card I used the sentiment "Do you believe...." which is also on plate# 20.
I stamped the sentiment on a small piece of the pale pink card stock with Raisin Adirondack dye ink and trimmed with decorative edge scissors. I layered that onto a piece of the same decorative card stock used for the front and trimmed with the same scissors. I placed a white snowflake brad just above the sentiment making sure to leave a little space between the brad and the paper. You don't want to attach the brad flat to the card since it needs to support the front of the card when you display as an easel as shown in this picture.
Here's a side view of the easel card to help you see how this card is put together and how it works.
This card happens to be 4" (across) x 4 1/4", but you could alter the size based on the size of the image you place on the front of the card.
There are basically 2 pieces to the card:
- 8 1/2 x 4"... this piece is scored and folded in half and then the top half is scored and folded in half again. This is the base of the card
- 4 1/2 x 4"... this piece is the front of the card. The bottom half of this piece is what is attached to the top 2 1/8 x 4" section of the base of the card.
A brad is placed anywhere from 1 to 2" up from the bottom of the base (mine is the white snowflake brad). Where you place the brad will depend on how large the sentiment or stamped image or decoration is that you place at the bottom of the card (in my case it is the saying "do you believe...").
To set the card up as an easel... when you open the card, flip/turn the front of the card so that the front bottom edge is resting up against the brad.
I hope this helps, but if it isn't clear just google easel cards and you'll find other samples that may help you to design this type of card.
Special thanks to my friend Maggi.... I received her Christmas card today... It was an easel card!!! So I copied the design.

Fantasy and Fibers with Sweetpea stamps

This image is from Sweetpea plate #21. This is one of the many Ching-Chou Kuik designs available.
I created the background for the stamped image using thin glossy paper and alcohol inks. I used 3 of the alcohol inks applying them next to each other on my felt applicator tool. I applied them diagonally across the glossy paper to create the subdued stripes. I then stamped the image onto the glossy paper using blackindia ink, trimmed the corners with a corner rounder, and applied a green marvy metallic marker around the edges.
I found some decorative card stock that worked well with the blues and greens in the background, cut it just shy of the size of the green card, applied the greenmarvy metallic marker to the edges, and punched a fiskars border punch on the bottom edge. The decorative card stock had an embossed corner that I had positioned in the upper left of the card. I used anexacto knife to cut around the middle two loops of the corner and then slid the glossy paper under it. After putting all the pieces together on the green card I wrapped the fuzzy fiber twice around the spine of the card and tied in a knot at the top.

Here is another image from Sweetpea plate #21. This wonderful plate contains 4 captivating images and 2 wonderful verses that can be used with these images or with any of the other wonderfulSweetpea images.
After stamping the image with black india ink I painted her with Twinkling H2O's and then trimmed around the image. I used a corner/photo punch in the lower left corner of the deep wine colored card. I cut a piece of lavender cardstock straight along the left and bottom edge, then tore a jagged edge diagonally, and punched the bottom left corner with the same corner/photo punch. I had some coordinating decorative scrapbook paper that looked great with this color combination. I cut a piece to fit into the lavender piece and again tore a jagged edge on the diagonal. It is difficult to see in this photo, but I ran a purple marvy marker around the 4 edges of the card and across the torn edges of the decorative scrapbook paper. I happened to have just a scrap left of the decorative paper so I slipped it behind the image before putting all the pieces together on the card front. I had the perfect fibers to add to this fantasy card, so I wrapped them once around the spine of the card and tied with a knot.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Journal for Isabella

My good friend Sharon asked if I would create a journal for her granddaughter, Isabella. Lucky Isabella is going on a trip to Costa Rica with her family in January.... What Fun!!!
The size of the journal is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4". I cut the covers from mat board and painted them with various colors of blue (Isabella's favorite color) and silver paints. After they dried I used a set of acrylic stamps that appear to be various textures of snake skin. I stamped each side of the front and back covers using silver ink and then embossed with a sparkly type of embossing powder. I outlined the edges of each of the covers with Marvy Metallic Markers.... in blue, of course! Since I have loads of stuff on hand... I didn't have to look far for various embellishments to adorn the front cover. I bought the monkey a while ago... just because it was a good deal. And now, I had the perfect project to use it with. The metal letters for Isabella's name were silver, but I wanted them to stand out from the cover of the book so I colored them with alcohol inks. The letters used for 'Costa Rica' are brads; I cut the prongs off and used foam tape to attach them to the cover. The dragonfly and the keyhole are also brads that I cut the prongs off and then used glossy accents to attach.
After stamping and embossing the inside front cover I painted a grunge flourish and glued it to the inside. Then I found some metallic words that would work well for this journal. I colored them with the same acrylic paint I had used on the grunge flourish and glued them inside the front cover also.
I typed the information about when and where Isabella would be while in Costa Rica, and that the journal was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa, and then printed it on yellow paper. I attached it to the first page of the journal along with the "Costa Rica" logo I found on the internet. I cut pages from bright blue cardstock to use for the first several pages of the journal.

I was fortunate to find a map for both areas in Costa Rica that Isabella will be exploring. What a great opportunity for her to visit this interesting country. After printing the maps, I mounted them on the bright blue cardstock in the front of the journal.

As I was researching the areas that Isabella would be visiting I happened upon some pictures of this volcano; it will be very near one of the resorts that she'll be staying at.
One of the metallic words I had laying around was "fantastic"; I thought it was a good choice for this page.

The inside back cover was also stamped with a texture stamp and embossed. These snake skin textures were fun to work with and seemed appropriate since Isabella is going to be vacationing in a rain forest.
Another grunge flourish was painted and glued to the cover as was a metallic word, "fun".
The pages of the book were cut from watercolor paper. Isabella will be able to journal her thoughts or draw pictures of her adventures.

And here is the back cover... nothing special here. The same acrylic colors were used to paint the back cover and once that was dry I stamped another one of my texture stamps and embossed.
The journal is now in 'Grandma's hands and will be given to Isabella just a few days before Christmas.. for her birthday.
I hope she enjoys it and is able to fill the pages with loads of fabulous experiences from her trip to Costa Rica.