Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puzzle Cube

There is a puzzle swap on CCSwaps and I have the perfect object. These are the pieces to a puzzle cube. I found it on Oriental Trading Company. The pieces are nice thick cardboard... or chipboard. One side is a little glossy and the other more of a flat white.
This is how the puzzle pieces look once the cube is assembled..... and before I alter them.

I brushed and sponged 2 colors of acrylic paint on the puzzle pieces. On this side I used 'earthy' colors. I then used the 6 Stamper's Anonymous images I have that relate to the alphabet. The puzzle cube reminds me of a child's alpha block so I thought these images would be appropriate.

Here is the other side of the puzzle pieces. On this side I used bright acrylic paints, using at least 2 colors on each piece. Then using the same images that were used on the first side I again stamped them with the black india ink. The pieces needed something else so I edged both sides of the pieces using a gold krylon pen. You can see this in the next pictures of the assembled cube.

Here is a view of the puzzle cube put together with the 'earthy' colored sides facing out.

And here is a view of the finished cube with the brighter colored side turned to the outside.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art Doll

Another swap on CCSwaps..... Art Doll
I stamped images on memory glass for the face/head and body. Before placing the memory glass into the frames I wrapped some thin artistic wire around the body frame for the arms and legs; I also cut a fabric flowers apart to use as wings. The petals were sprayed with Aileen's color mist to match the teal stazon ink I used when stamping on the glass. I place a little Diamond Glaze onto both sides of the ends of the flower petals, and a small drop onto the corners of the memory glass, before placing another unstamped piece of memory glass on top. Once that dried I wrapped the memory frame around the pieces of glass and secured it . I only used the one stamped piece of frosted memory glass for the head.
I strung beads on the arms and legs. She needed something more so I cut off the tabs on a heart brad and attached to the glass body with a small glue dot.
I attached the 2 memory frames to each other by wrapping silver wire around the 2 ends. I didn't like the way that looked so I took some silver ribbon and tied a bow around the neck of the doll.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Altered glass bottle

This glass bottle is going to be altered for some member of CCSwaps. The swap is called "Glass". At first I was going to work with memory glass and frames, but a little voice inside my head said...'do something else'. So I found this small bottle at JoAnn's or Michael's and decided to give it a try. If it didn't work out I could always resort back to my original plan.

To decorate the sides of the bottle I stamped this yoga lady image 2 times onto acetate. I embossed one with a purple glitter embossing powder and the other with a black glitter embossing powder. I cut the images out and ran them through the xyron. I had seen this technique used to apply images to glass in an old Rubber Stamper magazine.

I created a decorative topper for the cork by stamping this image on blue cardstock and embossing with silver powder. I glued the 2 pieces on either side of a round wooden chip for stability.

The cork topper was glued into a slot that was cut into the top of the cork. The beads were strung on 3 silver threads and then tied through the eyes of 3 needles. I added a little dab of Diamond Glaze in case my knots came loose. Then I cut the needles down so they wouldn't pass through to the top of the cork when I pushed them into the bottle of the cork.

This is a picture of the bottle with the cork inserted. In this picture you can see the strands of beads....well, they are a little blurry because I didn't wait for them to stop moving when I took the picture. After taking this pic I decided to paint the cork silver so that it matched the cork topper.

This is a picture of the bottle with the yoga lady images attached. The only thing that I am afraid of with this bottle is that the embossing powder may fall off the acetate if the bottle is handled too much. I had tried to stamp directly onto the bottle with stazon ink, but since the surface of the bottle isn't flat the image was a bit blurred. Also, the stazon did not seem to dry on the bottle and even if it had dried over a longer period of time, I didn't know if it would eventually fade away or wear off from handling.

This is the other side of the bottle with the purple yoga lady image attached. This image is a little harder to see than the other.

And here is the completed project. It is difficult to see the strands of beads that are dangling inside of the bottle.

And here is the other side of the bottle. I don't know which CCSWaps member will receive this swap item yet since the swap doesn't close for another week, but I hope whoever it is that she likes it.