Monday, July 29, 2013

Terri's book

Terri came for a visit in July... and it was her birthday..  a BIG one!!!  I wanted to do something special so I made this book.  It contains pictures of most of the obstacle races that Terri ran with her friends in Florida.
 Before I explain more I have to give a GREAT BIG Thank You to Doug.  Thanks to him I have these pictures.  He ran these races with Terri and Kim and while doing that was taking video and pictures.  Doug's business is called Video Dude Productions so all these pictures are copyright.  I had to sign my life away at Walgreens when I had these photos printed.
 I won't spend time writing a narrative for each page of this book... there are so many pages!!!
I created the pages using watercolor paper and several colors of walnut ink sprays.  I wanted to achieve the look of mud since most, if not all, of these obstacle races involve walking, running, or crawling through mud at some point in the race.
 I went online to find the logo for the various races that are included in Terri's book.
Once I organized the pictures I got the idea to create a caption for as many pictures as possible.  There are very few that we, I had Bob help out, couldn't think of a caption.
 I cut decorative corners in each of the pictures and mounted them on colored cardstock before gluing them into the book.
I typed the captions out on the computer, printed on paper, cut out with decorative scissors, and then applied some brown ink around the edges before gluing them in the book.
 I looked through my stash of embellishments and through my stamps and found some of each that would work well with the theme of this book.
 So that's about all I can tell you about the book.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.