Monday, September 12, 2011

Card to celebrate braces being removed

My friend, Sharon, commissioned me to create a card that she could give to her 13 year old granddaughter who is having her braces removed. Well, I don't have any stamps with braces, but I have a great set of phrases that pertain to smiling and they came in very handy when I created this card.
Sharon liked the card so much I'm off to create another for her to give to someone else having their braces removed.
Isn't it simply amazing what types of images you can find when you search the internet???
These are hysterical! I don't know if any of these are real or if they are all 'photo shopped'.
What makes this so cool is that both the sender and the recipient of this card have a golden retriever as a pet. In fact, the picture looks just like my friends' dog, Augie... who happens to be sitting right next to me as I type this as we are 'dog-sitting' for a couple of days.
But a goat or a frog with braces???... Come on!!!


bonnie32002 said...

this is a hoot! So creative. Great job on improvising.

Maggi said...

I am laughing and can hardly send this e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this!!!!!

Maggi said...

Love this - laughing as I type!!!!