Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Candy box

I recently spent some time with my 'crafty' friends and one of them brought this great little candy box idea.
The box and sleeve are pictured below, but what you are looking at here is what the recipient would first see. The sleeve is created to keep the box closed and is just a strip of white card stock that you fit around the box so that it can slide easily onto the box. The white sleeve is then decorated however you choose. We layered the sleeve with red and then a patterned paper. On top of that we attached an apple image that we stamped and cut from white card stock, and an apple core that we punched from red and white card stock using a tab punch.
Yummy!!!! When the box is opened there are 9 pieces of hershey's chocolate inside! Who wouldn't want that?
The box itself is made from one piece of double sided decorative paper cut to 5 1/2 x 8". It is scored, folded, cut at the corners, and taped together to create the cut little box.
When I created my box, I folded it so that the solid red was on the outside and the multi-colored scallops were on the inside. There was some of the decorative card stock left so I cut strips of the scallops and taped them to the sides of the outside of the box.
These will make great little gifts.

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