Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gift tags

Why not create some cute tags????
Using the 2 little girl images from Sweetpea plate #9 and some colored cardstock, I did just that. These can be used to accompany a gift, or attache them to the front of a greeting card as the focal point.
I have 3 young nieces who will love to receive these along with their birthday gifts this fall.

For all 4 tags:
  • Stamp Sweetpea little girl image with black india ink
  • Color some areas with glitter gel pens
  • Color other areas with glitter glue
  • Using a black gel pen, draw a series of dots and dashes around the edges of the tags
  • Apply glitter glue to dots around the edges of tags
  • Select fibers and ribbons that coordinate with paper and slip through the tag hole
  • If desired, string colored beads on ribbons and fibers
For Red tag:
  • Punch hole in center of red puffy fabric heart and attach gold heart shaped brad
  • Attach fabric heart to tag using glue dot
For Yellow tag:
  • Select 2 fabric flowers of varying size, insert colored brad through center and attach to tag
For Orange tag:
  • Punch hole for balloon shaped brad
  • With exacto knife cut small slit along the little girls dress
  • Slip piece of fiber or yarn through slit along dress and through hole for balloon brad
  • Place balloon brad in hole, wrap fiber around several times and press the brad open to hold fiber
For Blue tag:
  • Apply gold krylon around all sides of word bead
  • String gold wire through holes in word bead and curl ends
  • Attach to tag using glue dots

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Carol said...

Love the bright vibrant cards & ribbons. Cute images!!!