Sunday, August 23, 2009

Banner for Pea!!!

It's Pea's birthday!!! Hurray!!!
I saw an idea for making banners in the Outside the Margins website some time ago and wrote myself a note, I can be so forgetful, so that I'd remember to make one for Pea when her birthday arrived.
Pea loves black and white patterns and I found the perfect paper at my local scrapbook/stamping store. It was double sided with a different pattern on each side.

Here's the flip side of the decorative cardstock I used. I cut each 12 x 12" sheet in half and then drew and cut equal size triangles from them. I only needed 8 for the banner I was making.

I cut 8 triangles from the double sided decorative cardstock. I used 2 of each pattern for front sides of the flags that would make up this banner.

I attached decorative ribbon to the sides of each flag using red line tape. After this picture was taken I decided to also attach the ribbon to the tops of the flags.

I used Tim Holtz grunge board letters. I didn't want to make the banner too long or too short. If I had just used Pea's name it would be too short. If I had used the name of Pea's blog it would be too long. This seemed 'just right'!
I painted each letter with either acrylic or lumiere paint. I wanted the colors to be bright and to be seen on the black and white papers.

Here's a good look at the first half of the banner.
Each letter was attached to a flag using dimensional foam dots. I punched two holes at the top of each flag and then strung the decorative fiber through the holes leaving extra fiber at each end so Pea could hang this in her art/family room.

This is the second half of the banner.

Here's a look at the entire banner... hanging off of my dining room table. Seeing it in pieces just doesn't give you a good idea of what the whole thing looks like.

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Maggi said...

It is wonderful - even better in person!