Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mini purses

Back in September a friend shared this great project with me and a few others. Well, I went crazy with it.. I bought a tablet of 6x6" double sided paper (24 sheets) and made a mini purse with each sheet. If you'd like the directions and specifics about this mini purse go to my friend Bonnie's blog and read all about it. She has even included the video tutorial from where she found this great project...
Other than the tablet of paper all I needed was some coordinating solid card stock for the top, handles, and front closure of the purse. I even found some great pieces that matched in my folder of scraps. The other things you'll need are brads to hold the handles on the purse and velcro which is attached to the purse and under the front oval closure.
Here are 6 more...
The strap that is used to create the front closure is a spellbinder tag die. One of the decorative edges of each tag is snipped off since it would be hidden under the oval (also a spellbinders die) of the front closure. On some purses I glued the snipped end onto the oval closure, and on others I glued it to the bottom left corner of the purse. I stole that idea from a friend who said it would then make the purse look like some designer type purse with a mini logo!!! Thanks Maggi!

And here are 7 more mini purses. Phew!!! I did make 2 more than what I'm showing here, but I had already given them as gifts before I had the chance to take a photo. I think I'm done making these for a while... that is, unless, my friends snap all of them up.
Oh yeah, and in each of the purses is a small Twix candy bar and a mini bag of M&M's. Now, who doesn't like chocolate??
A great thing about these mini purses is that you can use them over and over. Not only are they perfect for candy treats, but they also fit a gift card in them perfectly.
I had fun rummaging through my many embellishments finding just the right item to adorn the front closure. And I still have plenty of embellishments left. I just need to buy another tablet of 6 x 6" paper and more candy!!!

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