Monday, October 31, 2011

Creative Art Camp - Day 5, Sat Oct 29

Some people just need to take a little nap. Well, it was the last day of creating and we had been working our fingers to the bone. On this day we had to make a choice... and we all chose the same project... domino collage. Maggi found this project on line
Since this artist sells her work there weren't instructions on how to do this and what supplies were used, but we looked at the end result and came up with our method, but we do thank her for the inspiration.

It took me a while to determine how to use the self timer on my camera, but ... after running over to the computer and looking up the owner's manual on line I did it. We are all holding our domino collage.. and we are proud of them!!!
I think we're all happy we chose this project to do instead of another one.

This is Margaret's collage. Oops, I just noticed I forgot to turn the photo and have the picture on its side!!! I love the alcohol ink color combos that each of us choose. I don't have close ups of everyone's collage.. just 3 of them.
You wouldn't need to confine yourself to 6 dominoes. You could go with more, or with less.

Here is my domino collage. I did string wire and beads at the bottom and do intend to string them along both sides and then add some charms or bling to the front of the project.
I was thinking that you wouldn't have to attach a cord for hanging; instead, you could leave the cord off and display on a small easel.
When doing mine some of the letters on my words weren't dark enough so I used a black fine point sharpie to darken them. Also, be sure that your stazon ink pad is juicy and not dry.

Here is Carol's finished domino collage... isn't it wonderful??? She used a piece of flashing tape on the lower right, and see the bird on the lower left... that is a white gel/paint pen she used to highlight the wings.
We learned lots of things doing this project and we all loved our finished projects. I for one will do this again. I just hope I remember all that I learned of what to do and what not to do!!

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