Monday, October 31, 2011

Creative Art Camp - Day 3, Thurs, Oct 27

These are fabric beads. Carol brought fabric and beads so that we could make these and use them as embellishments on our glimmer mist book or other items. We actually did the glimmer mist technique on water color paper first and then while waiting for that to dry we worked on beads. All you do is spread glue onto strips of fabric and then wind it tightly around a straw. You can use decorative fabric or paint, or stamp on fabric before spreading the glue. Then after the beads have dried for a while you can wrap and tie with fibers and wire. You can attach beads onto the wire or just glue them onto the beads.
Well, I was really asleep at the job today... I didn't take any pictures of us creating.. our projects. This is the day we worked with water color paper, mat board, and glimmer mists. This is a picture of Margaret's journal all bound with the front cover complete. But, I wish I would have had a picture of all the sheets of water color paper that we sprayed with glimmer mists.. they were stunning. Margaret brought the idea and her supplies; I know we completely used some of her colors.

It wasn't enough that we worked all day on projects.. now, I was making them work for their supper. We were having pizza on the grill and each of us needed to roll out pizza dough for their individual pizza. Luckily we were able to clean off part of our craft area so that we could get out the flour and roll the dough!

What's a little flour between friends? Bev got a little crazy and a some of the flour went flying... right onto Margaret!!
It was totally unexpected and I wish I would have had my camera ready when Bev did it because the look on Margaret's face was priceless!!

Bev and Carol are working on their pizza dough. I should have taken pictures of the finished products... after all, they were one of our creations for the day. The pizza was delicious!!!

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