Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WI Art Camp 2012 - Day 3 Addition

I forgot something!!!  Jan had to leave early, but the rest of us decided to tackle one of the melt pot techniques; however, instead of using the melt pot we used the griddle.
This technique involved using jewelry bezels and charms.  You started by placing the bezel on a craft sheet on the hot griddle.  First we sprinkled various colors of embossing powders into the bezels.  The instructive utube video showed using ultra thick embossing powders, but we didn't have those so we just used the regular embossing powders.  That may be the reason some of our colors ran together after we added the clear UTEE.  I hadn't taken any pictures of all of us as we worked on this project so this picture is of the 2 bezels I had created.
After sprinkling the colored embossing powders lay charms inside the bezels and then sprinkle clear UTEE  into the bezel.  We found that adding too much UTEE resulted in your charms being completely covered and since the colored powders appeared to be mixing with the UTEE as it melted the charms would disappear!!!  You needed a tweezers so you could grab the bezel and pull it off the griddle as soon as the UTEE melted.  I like mine, but if I ever get some colored ultra thick powders I would try this again and see if the results are different.

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