Monday, October 29, 2012

WI Art Camp 2012 - Day 1

Bev, Carol, and Margaret arrived Friday evening for our 2nd Annual WI Art Camp.  After spending the day on airplanes we weren't about to jump into any art projects.  But on Saturday morning Pea arrived and we were ready to go... well almost.  The ladies made a trip to the local stamp store, Polka Dots, while I went to our granddaughter's sectional cross country meet.  Then we all met up at my house and began.  Our first endeavour was a quick and easy project sponsored by Pea.  We had no idea what she had up her sleeve. 
 Alcohol ink colored candles
First lay out a plastic sheet or garbage bag to work on.  Apply alcohol ink puddles on plastic sheet and roll candles in it.  Then you can use pieces of felt to apply alcohol inks to areas of the candle that you missed.  At any time you can spray the candles with a little blending solution that you've poured into a mini mister.  You can also apply the alcohol inks directly from the bottle by squeezing drops down the candle starting at the top.  You can even roll your candle onto the plastic sheet again.  We found that the look of the candle changed a little after they sat for a while so you may want to wait between applications.  And, be careful not to create a 'muddy' look.
Here Carol went outside to get a better shot of our candles through the window.
Five of us created our candles on Saturday and we thought the others would do theirs on another day in between our other projects.

 Since it was a sunny day we decided to take a walk before starting our next project.  We walked down the road and I took them through the YMCA Camp that is located on our road.  As we followed some walking paths we came across a tether ball... so a few of us gave it a whirl.
 Pea just couldn't resist climbing this tree.   I was glad that we weren't picking her up off the ground!!!!  I was afraid that some of the branches might have been weak.
 At one point on the walk there is a wood walkway that goes over a swampy area toward the lake.
It was a little chilly, but we wanted to burn off some calories so that we could enjoy the chicken burritos that Pea cooked for our dinner.
 Bev led the way to the end of the walkway.  Some of the railings looked a bit rickety!!!
 Even though the campers are gone for the year we found a soccer ball on the field.  I thought that ball was coming right for my camera!!!
I hadn't walked through the Y Camp in a couple of years so I was surprised when we came upon this climbing wall.  Margaret and I were the observers.
 One false move in this hammock and Pea would have been in the lake!!!
 We came upon these comfy chairs.  I've seen these for sale and they are NOT cheap.  I think they are made from recycled milk bottles; I know they are indestructible.  I found out later that the Camp's Director is living on the property throughout the year and I'm thinking that this might be the building he is living in and these might be his chairs... OOPS!!!
 Back at the house we're having some snacks before starting on our next project.
 This was my 'surprise' project... well, it was a surprise for Bev, Carol, Margaret, and Jan.  Each of us was given an apron and then we all had to create an embellishment on each other's aprons.  I had fabric markers and fabric scribbles dimensional paint available.  It was amazing how each of us came up with something unique to do to the aprons.
Carol grabbed markers and began drawing a dragonfly or a butterfly on each apron.  Each one was a work of art.
 Bev brought fabric, buttons, and embossing threads.  I'll bet she thought she'd never finish.  The results were fabulous.  On each piece of fabric she embroidered the word "Create" and then she added a button and a flower.  Then she attached the fabric swatches with french knots.
Later that night we decided to relax in the hot tub.  Pea had gone home so there were just 4 of us.  We were hoping to see lots of meteors because of the meteor shower that evening, and we did see some, but not many.
On day 2 Pea would be coming back and Maggi, Mary, and Jan would be joining us!!!

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bonnie32002 said...

Oh my! Looks like you ladies are having a ball! Love the candles and did you get pictures of the aprons?