Monday, October 29, 2012

WI Art Camp 2012 - Day 2

 And on Day 2 the fun continues.  I was worried that with 8 of us working at the dining room table we'd be too crowded, but... I think it worked out fine.
Pea took charge of this project and it was a huge success.  She had printed out a book for us with colored pictures and instructions of various projects to do with friendly plastic... AND.. she provided the friendly plastic!!!!
 Pea did a lot of work in preparation for us that saved us a ton of time.  She had created many multi-colored sticks of FP.  We could make coasters, embellishments, bracelets, rings, and pendants.  I had an electric griddle and both Pea and Maggi brought theirs so that we had 3 work stations going at once.
 I must have been busy creating because I found I didn't have many pictures to post for this day.
This pic shows some of the embellishments that I created using small cookie cutters that Pea supplied.
 Some of Margaret's embellishments can be seen on this craft sheet.  The beautiful colors are achieved by marbling the FP as it sits on the griddle.

 Even the 'negative' piece left after cutting the FP with a cookie cutter can provide an interesting piece that might be used in some future art project.

It was a busy and enjoyable day.  If you look closely on Margaret's craft sheet, in the foreground, you can see a couple of bracelets that she created.

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