Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sudoku ATC's

Most of the gals that came to WI in October for our WI Art Camp decided to try a round robin of sorts with ATC's. It is called 'sudoku atc's'. Each of us creates a background on atc sized card stock. Since there are 7 of us in the swap we each create 7 atc's. Once you create your background you send all 7 on to the next person. And when that person is finished adding something to the atc they mail it on to the next, and so on, until all 7 of us have added a bit of our artistry to the atc's. The last person to receive the finished set then mails one to each of the participants. It is very much fun and it is amazing to watch as each set of atc's evolves into a work of art.
These are the set of atc's I started. I used the glimmering rainbow technique which I found on Carol's website. Now these atc's have been mailed to Pea for her to add a bit of art.

These ATC's were started by Maggi. She created a spray mist background on watercolor paper. She gave them to me so that I could add the second layer. I first stamped a dotted squiggly background stamp with worn lipstick distress ink. I found that you could barely see anything so I stamped again with Momento Lilac Posies ink. At least now you can see some of the image. I think it adds a little texture to the already lovely atc's. And these atc's are now in the mail to Pea for her addition.

These ATC's were started by Carol. She created the beautiful purple background. I believe it was done with alcohol inks on glossy card stock. Carol then mailed her atc's to Maggi. Maggi stamped a crackle background stamp with black ink. Maggi then gave them to me and I stamped the 'art doll' in black ink. Now, they are off to Pea for her addition to these artistic beauties.

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Carol said...

Wow, you've got throughout 3 of the 7 sets!!!! Love all your bits!