Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome Charlie

Just last week my friend, Cara, sent me an email saying she was a 'grandma'. I was about to fall off my chair when I read the rest of the email which explained that her daughter and her friend had gotten a bulldog puppy!!! Well, I said "send me some pictures". I love making up cards using pictures of dogs.
Now the funny thing is that Cara has never been a 'dog person', but she tells me she is in love with this little girl; her name is Charlie. I'm hoping to get these to Cara in the next couple of days since it is Brandon's (her daughter's friend) birthday soon.
Here are 4 more cards. I have such a wide selection of decorative card stock that is dog-themed that I was able to use a different paper for each of the 10 cards I made. These pictures were taken on Memorial Day weekend when Courtney and her friend, Brandon, brought Charlie over to meet her 'grandparents'!
Even though Charlie is just a pup, she looks pretty big in these pictures.
Here are the last 2. I had fun making these cards; although, at times I felt a little sad too since we don't have our Molly anymore. I still have more dog themed paper and embellishments so I'm ready to make more. I know my friend will enjoy these cards.

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