Sunday, January 3, 2010

Joy Fold Card

This style of card is called a 'layered card' or 'joy fold card'. I used Ching-Chou Kuik's image found on Sweetpea plate #21 to adorn this card. I stamped the image on white card stock with india black ink and painted with Twinkling H2O's.
Now I'll attempt to explain how the card was put together!!
The card is made of 2 pieces of card stock:
- the base (olive green) is 8 1/2 x 4 1/4" and is scored and folded 3" from the left side
- the front panel (pink) is 8 x 3" and is scored and folded in half.
I cut a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and attached to the front panel, and on top of that I attached the image. The front panel piece will open from left to right (hope that makes sense). And when the card is closed flat it lays on top of the left side (panel) of the base piece. You'll see this better in a picture I have posted further on.

I attached a piece of decorative card stock to the right panel of the base. On top of that and centered I attached the left side of the 8 x 3" piece of card stock - for this card it is the pink piece. This is where you would stamp or write the sentiment/message.

I attached pieces of decorative scrapbook paper to the inside of the front panel and to the outside of the left panel. (The flower that you see on the left panel is added later on.)

At this point you want to fold the card flat in order to determine where to place the item that will secure the front panel. For my card I used my cuttlebug with spellbinders die to cut and emboss 2 flowers. I punched a hole in the center for the brad and then determined where to place the flowers so that just the edge would fit over the corner of the front panel.

The last step for my card was placing some decorative scrapbook paper on the inside of the left flap. I needed to do this in order to cover up the back of the brad I had used on the front of the left flap to hold the flower petals.
I used my cuttlebug dies and embossing folders to create a butterfly, and a spellbinders die to create a flower that I attached to the inside left panel.
There are so many variations with regard to decorating and embellishing a layered card. I love that fact that this card provides the creator and the lucky recipient with multiple layers of surprises.
If you google 'joy fold card' you'll find more ideas and pictures that will help you to see how this card is put together.


sweetpeastamps said...

This is really preety Chrissy, I love the folding you did on this card.

Micki said...

Oh that is a great card. Love the stamp image and since I am always so intimidated by tri-fold cards, I really really like this. I love the color theme you chose for this card too (papers).


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your card, this is really a great idea. Commbo colors is just gorgeous.
Mag :)