Sunday, April 3, 2011

A labor of love

This collage of pictures of our dog, Molly, was a labor of love for me and helped me to deal with her unexpected death. Molly died a month ago on March 3 of a heart attack. On March 14 Molly would have been 8 years old. We miss her so very much; she was such a big part of our lives. We took her on every trip we possibly could. My friend, Bert, said she was envious of all the places that Molly was able to travel. That gave me the idea for this collage which is now hanging on our wall. Within a couple of days of her passing I began searching for at least one picture of her on each of the trips we took together. I also added some pictures of her at home on the lake and in the yard doing her agility tricks. And if you look at the bottom picture of the blond and red retriever puppies, the little red head is Molly's sister, Augie.

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Autumn Light Designs said...

Aw, Chrissy, that is beautiful. I know it must have been hard to do, but what a lovely tribute to a good dog. Hugs.