Thursday, April 22, 2010

Artiscape - Layers upon Layers

On Friday afternoon (April 16) I took a class called Layers Upon Layers taught by Jacqueline Sullivan. I wanted to learn about various art mediums and this was the perfect class to take. All we needed to supply was an 11 x 14" stretched canvas, a 1" acrylic brush, and images copied on a laser copier. This class was FANTASTIC!!!
First we applied some aluminum foil, cheese cloth, and tissue paper using various mediums to our canvas. In doing so we learned what medium to use for the various weights of texture.
Before painting the background (canvas) we added texture using various methods. I used a sewing tracing wheel and ran it across the aluminum foil. I also used various tools to create circular impressions in the foil. Then I used molding paste and a brass stencil (fern) to create texture in several areas of the background.
The canvas had to dry before painting so at this point we moved on to the layers that would be placed on top of the canvas.
Jacqueline supplied various sized pieces of mat board that we were to use for our laser copied images. The images were to be of high contrast; mine were okay, but not the best. The images were attached to the mat board using gel medium. We applied the gel medium under the image and on top of the image.
Placement of the images onto the larger canvas was important. Jacqueline explained how to place them such that the person looking at the canvas would be drawn to look inward rather than away from the canvas.
Here are the 'layers', before painting, that I created for my canvas. The largest piece is a different image than the one I originally planned. Since I hadn't waited for the gel medium to dry before applying molding paste, when I picked up the stencil it stuck to the image and ripped part of it off the mat board. So I improvised and attached one of the other images I had brought with me.
I applied some molding paste to all of the pieces using either a stencil or punchinella.
This is my 11 x 14" canvas after all the painting was complete. I did have an issue with it... my colors seemed too distinct and disjointed. I took the piece to the instructor and she brought it back to my workspace applying a light wash of burnt umber over the entire piece. That simple step blended the entire piece. I intentionally had stepped out of my comfort zone with this mix of colors and I'm glad I did. The instructor stressed that we needed light, medium, and dark somewhere on the canvas. I'm still learning and to me it looks medium and dark only, but I know that I'm wrong.
I can't believe I made this!!!! Everyone in the class finished the project, and all were worthy of hanging on a wall. I think that it is amazing that everyone was able to finish this large project. There were so many lessons learned... it was well worth the money. I know I'll use what I learned in this class for other projects I've been wanting to tackle.
I'm not sure what I'll do with this piece. I may frame it, or attach some decorative edging around the entire piece and then display it in my craft room, which is also our spare bedroom.


Rena Sawatski said...

Chrissy, I am so jealous LOL. I discovered Jacqueline's website a while ago when browsing the web an was intrigued by her art. I even printed off a tutorial and tried it but did not look anything like hers. You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to take the class.

P.S. I think yours turned out beautifully, and remember it was your first and practice makes perfect!! Personally, I think you should frame it.

Maggi said...

Gorgeous! I wish I had taken that class. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed with any of my classes.