Friday, April 23, 2010

Artiscape 2010 - Mediums Make Your Art Go Round

On Saturday afternoon (April 17) I took a class called Mediums Make Your Art Go Round taught by Cody Goodin. Cody has a studio of his own and works at an artist supply store in Cincinnati near the University. The only supplies I needed for this class were a palette knife and a couple of small brushes; Cody supplied all the rest. He started us out with 4 faces that he created with molds and mounted onto a gesso'd ATC sized piece of mat board. All the faces were different. On the right are 2 of my faces shown after I already had stared applying some of the mediums we were playing with.
This is what my 4 faces looked like after I applied the various 'textures'. I can identify some of the mediums I used, but I think I've already forgotten what some of them are. We also used tissue paper and a fibrous paper and adhered it with gel medium to add interest. In the upper left face there are some gold mica flakes. The lower left face has pumice gel (the 'concrete-looking' stuff) and garnet gel (the pink areas). The black on the face to the lower right is lava gel. Many of the mediums we used were Golden products, but some, like the lava gel aren't made by Golden.
Here's a look at my 4 faces after I painted them. This was a great class to experiment... so that is exactly what I did when I painted them. I really didn't think much about the colors I was using or what I would do with these faces once I finished. The instructor supplied all the paint so I just tried using different color combinations on each of the 4 faces.
Once again I enjoyed this class as it gave me the opportunity to use various mediums and see if I liked them before I spend any money on them. But, I must confess.... I already had some of these mediums in my possession and haven't used them yet. Now I know what they look like and will be more likely to use them on some project. I just have to remember that I have them!!! That is the problem with having so many art supplies... you sometimes forget that you have something.

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