Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artiscape 2010 - Jacquard Toolbox

We arrived for our first class on Friday morning. The class was called Jacquard Toolbox and was taught by Amy Flowers. This was one of the few classes that was not being held at the Holiday Inn where we were staying. The class was held in Amy's studio... which looked more like a garage since we entered through this overhead door. Lucky for us it was a mild and sunny day and the door remained open throughout the class. It was a great environment to work in.

Everywhere you looked in Amy's studio/garage there was some form of art... or art supplies! This collage piece is a sample of one of the many classes that Amy teaches both here in Ohio, and in Mexico.

Look! There's Amy Flowers.... She is walking off to the right... behind Mary's head.
Barbara, Maggi, Mary, and I took this class. It was great fun!!! We loved Amy's personality.

Amy provided these tins so that we could keep our Jacquard samples in it. The tin was white to begin with and we painted them by mixing pearl ex and pearl ex varnish. They take a while to dry. We did stamp on them at the end of the class using stazon ink, but I found that the stazon removed some of the paint.

This is a very cool technique. Stamp an image with versa mark and use clear embossing powder. Heat partially and while still warm sprinkle, or apply (with your finger) pearl ex powder. Heat again, but not too long. When the powder is cool buff with a paper towel.
Another way to do this is to mix the clear embossing powder and pearl ex, sprinkle that onto the versa marked' card and heat.

We mixed pearl ex powders with pearl ex varnish to create a paint like texture. The mixture was applied to the acetate and the black glossy card stock was placed on top of the acetate. Give the two pieces a little twist and pull them apart. You don't want to leave them together very long, like I did, as some of the black glossy card will stick to the acetate! Oh well, I just got a little extra texture on my pieces!

On this piece I applied drops of Dynaflow. It comes in small bottles with a drip top. The colors are nice, but I don't see myself purchasing this product.

We applied acrylic paint to this piece of card stock and then interference paint on top of that. Before drying I used the end of the paint brush to draw through the interference.

This is a piece of deli wrap. I should have been taking better notes during the class, but things started to move pretty quickly. I don't recall what type of Jacquard product we applied to the paper. I do recall that after applying the color we folded the piece and rubbed so that the color would transfer to other areas of the sheet.

This is a piece of acetate that we applied pinata alcohol inks to. Amy told us that pinata inks are her favorite because she believes the color is more true and that they work better than the ranger brand on all applications except for plastic. Amy also indicated that she uses regular alcohol rather than buying the blending solutions that are sold specifically for pinata or ranger alcohol ink products.

I think that we applied pearl ex watercolors to this piece and I think I used every color on the palette for this piece. The pearl ex watercolors are similar to Twinkling H2O's. In Amy's opinion she prefers the Twinkling H2O's and I have to agree... I think they give more shine and better color.
It was a good class and we had a great time playing with the various Jacquard products.

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Rena Sawatski said...

Looks like a fun class with lots of interesting techniques. The Pearlex one with the clear EP looks like the Frosted one from our book study. I really like the look of the metal pieces with the black CS and acetate. May have to give this a try, but will have to use a different varnish as I don't have the pearlex one.