Monday, January 26, 2009

Dive journal for Terri

Oh goody, another project...and I get to use my new Bind It All!!!
When Terri, our daughter (well technically she's really my step-daughter, but what does that matter...I love her), was with us over the Christmas Holiday she asked if I could make her a couple of dive journals. She is a big time scuba diver, both for fun and professionally, and she wanted one journal for her personal use and one for her professional use. Sounded like a fun thing to do. This is Terri's personal journal. Using alcohol inks, I swiped the inks across a piece of glossy cardstock. I used the cardstock to cover both the front and back covers of the journal.

And here is the finished journal, well, at least the front cover. The letters are Tim Holtz grungeboard that have been painted with acrylics. 'Scuba Goddess' is Terri's diving nickname, so why not use it on the cover!! It was a little tricky getting all those letters on the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 cover, but it worked.

Lucky for me my friend, Maggi, came to the rescue with 3/4" o wires so that I could bind the book and ship it off to Terri. I only had very large and small o wires. I'm still a Bind It All novice and need more practice. The binding turned out okay, and Terri won't have a problem with the journal, but it's not perfect....maybe I'm the only one who will notice!

This is the inside of the front cover and the front of the intro page. I just had to use some of my stamps! And that is Terri's business card in the center of the front cover.
Dive for Food??? Oh yes, she does hunt lobsters so I couldn't resist the lobster sign when I found it on the internet.
For the inside of the front and back covers I used some decorative cardstock that I've had in my stash for years. You may not be able to tell in this picture, but the paper is very sparkly. I attached it to a cardboard base with double sided tape; I hope it holds up well and doesn't peel away from the base.

This is the back of the intro page and the first page of journaling. All the pictures I used in Terri's journal are either from the internet, from her friend Doug's website or blog, or from a CD Terri gave me some time ago that contains pictures her friend Joe had taken underwater. I hope her friends don't mind that I've used their pictures for her journal.
After emailing back and forth several times Terri gave me the format for the journal pages. There is some information she always documents with her personal dives and then she needed some blank lines for other information she wanted to record.

These are the second and third journaling pages. There are 38 double sided pages in the book. Each side of the page is set up for Terri to journal 1 day, and each day is split into 2 dives. I used 4 different headings throughout the journal pages: Diving is my Passion (that's Terri in a nutshell), Live! Love! Dive!, Diving...what life is all about, and Live Life! Go Diving!

Here is the inside of the back cover. On the left are 6 photo sleeves for Terri to use if she or one of her dive buddies captures some spectacular pictures. On the right are some underwater photos.
Well Terri, I sure hope you like it and that it works for you! I'll be taking this to the post office in a day or two.


SweetPea said...

Chrissy - this book is FABULOUS and I am sure that Terri will LOVE it!! WELL DONE

Video Dude said...


Well done! Glad I had some input on the design!

Terri's Friend Doug