Thursday, October 22, 2009

A 6-pack of birthday goodies!

I was rummaging through my craft area and found 2 of these 6-pack cartons that I had bought at a craft rummage a couple of months ago. An idea popped into my head and I was off and running. One of our granddaughter's has a birthday coming in November and this looked like a good way to 'package' her birthday gifts.

Alcohol ink seemed the best way to color this carton because the texture was somewhat glossy to the touch. After a few experiments with various colors of ink, I decided on these 4 (purple twilight, stonewash, pool, and silver). I used a felt applicator and blending solution to apply the inks to the surface.

I laid out my newspapers for this messy job and got to work applying the alcohol inks. In no time I was finished. It was easy since this carton folds pretty flat.

Here is a picture of the 6-pack carton after I finished applying the alcohol inks. Lizzy loves purple so this should be perfect to hold her birthday gifts. Actually, I like purple too!!

I pulled out some grungeboard letters and a couple of chipboard swirls, painted them with silver acrylic paint, and attached them with double sided tape to the side of the carton. I got out my fabric flower petals and Aileen's color mist sprays and kept spritzing on colors until I saw the colors I thought would look good. I attached one set of petals to this side of the carton with a rhinestone brad, and saved the other set of petals for the other side of the carton. I have some decorative ribbon, actually they are slightly padded fabric silver stars, and I attached to the bottom of the carton with glue dots.

I happened to have this purple embellishment in my stash, so I attached it to the side of the carton with some glue dots.

On this side of the 6-pack I stamped images and phrases from Sweetpea stamps. I used permanent markers to color in the images because they didn't show up well when I first stamped them onto the somewhat darkly-colored carton. I attached the second grunge swirl to the right of the handle, the puffy silver stars to the bottom, and another couple of fabric flowers to the right of the stamped images.
Ready to go!!! I wrapped various items with colored tissue and dropped them into the 6 slots of the 6-pack. Lizzy likes some of the shower gels and body creams available at Bath and Body Works; and they fit perfectly into this package. I think Lizzy will like it. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.
I have one more of these blank 6 packs left. Hmmm, what shall I do with that one??

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Rena Sawatski said...

What a great idea Chrissy, and the box could be used later on for storage when all the BD gifts are finished.