Monday, April 20, 2009

Susie's 60th Birthday Book

Susie turns 60 in April and we need to celebrate!! Just sending Susie a card isn't enough so I made a little birthday book. Well, I didn't make it all, but I did do all the decorating. My friend Maggi had made me the book and I searched the internet for some 'appropriate' pictures, mounted them, and added the words. I loved this see, hear, and speak no evil picture and had to use it for the front cover.

You've got to have a little cake to celebrate a birthday! Well, we need more than cake for a 60th birthday. Here's hoping that this little birthday book provides a few laughs.

60.... the NEW 40? Let's hope so because all of us are going to be 60 sooner or later. Susie just happens to be the first in our group to turn 60! These ladies look like they're having a good time!

Exercise class!!! Oh yeah, that's us!!! Right!!! Don't you really wonder what these ladies were really doing when this picture was taken??? Who would be doing squats in a dress and heels??

Shopping.... I think Susie likes to do this... and traveling!!! Look at these cute little ladies. They have their red hats on and are burning up the stores.

A day at the beach.... checking out the muscles on 'Mr Body Builder'... oh, I hope that isn't us some day!!!!

Party??? We like to get together to have a few drinks and talk. I think we talk more than we drink these days. And laugh!!! A lot of laughing takes place when we all get together.

A little 'X-rated' picture for the last page should get a few giggles. If you knew Susie you'd understand that this picture if perfect! I just happened to find it on the internet...what luck! I hope Susie gets some laughs from her Birthday Book!

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