Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fantasy Film and sea glass necklace

I joined a 'Fantasy Film' swap on CCSwaps. Why not, I had fantasy film that someone had given me a while ago and never had the chance to play with it. I searched for techniques using fantasy film and found one that explained how to create faux dichroic glass using Fantasy Film and Franklin Opals! The technique looked simple and the outcome was fabulous. There was only one catch, the technique called for using a product that was not yet available for sale. I tried the technique without the product and my results were a failure. The faux dichroic glass was much too brittle... so onto another idea.......
I decided to use some sea glass as a base for the franklin opals and the fantasy film. I had a jar full of sea glass that I found in Florida over a year ago and hadn't used it yet. I applied versa mark to the sea glass and then proceeded to add 3 layers of franklin opals, melting each layer with my heat gun prior to adding the next layer of opals. While the 3rd layer of opals was hot I layed down 3 pieces of fantasy film on top of each other, then sprinkled opals on and heated it until melted. I added one more layer of opals and after melting I stamped an inked butterfly image into the opals. I used copper brilliance ink on the stamp. I left the stamp sit in the opals until cooled and then lifted off. To finish off the piece I used my copper krylon pen to color the 3 edges of the glass.

I had a bunch of formica samples that I had picked up at a local DIY store and I had seen others make necklaces using them. I colored the sample with alcohol inks - sapphire blue/pinata and gold/ranger. I lucked out.... my first choice of colors looked great with the color of the fantasy filmed sea glass.

I attached the sea glass piece to the sample using large glue dots.

Since there is a butterfly on the sea glass, why not add the words 'fly'. I had some alpha beads on hand, but the color didn't go well on the formica sample so I used gold alcohol inks to color them. I strung them and some small glass beads onto a piece of wire and curled the ends.

I attached this piece onto the formica sample with mini glue dots.

Here's the finished necklace.
I added some of Golden's gold mica flakes to the formica sample and let that dry before attaching the black cord and gold wooden bead.
I'll let the recipient know that she is welcome to wear it as is or take it apart and use the sea glass piece and alpha beads on another project of her own if she wishes. After all, some people aren't into necklaces.

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