Monday, April 20, 2009

Cara's 60th Birthday book

Cara is going to be 60 in July!!! I just can't believe it!!! This calls for something special. Even though Cara doesn't drink wine I thought that creating a Birthday Book in the shape of a wine bottle was a good idea. ...Well, I don't think she drinks wine .... I've never seen her drink wine; she prefers other beverages. I had a great picture of Cara that was taken at my house for her 50th birthday party. We had thrown her a surprise 'garden party'. Each of us made crazy looking 'garden hats' for the occasion. I cropped the picture and typed the word "vintage" across it. She is definitely 'one of a kind'!!!

On the inside front cover I used one of my stamps "Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you".
I searched the internet for Maxine cartoons and then selected 13 of them that poked fun at age. I used some of my stamps to create a background on the pages and then added color around the page edges with various inks.

You've got to love Maxine! I know Cara does and that is why I chose these cartoons to be the focus of Cara's birthday book.

Well, I don't think Cara plays bingo, but I'm sure Maxine must.... so I included my bingo stamp.

Cara is a little like Maxine.... Oh, not in any way by the way she looks!!! Maxine tells it like it is, and so does Cara!

I had some great stamps to go with the theme of the booklet. My little 'sexy senior' stamp works well, but of course none of us look at all like her.

I grouped the cartoons by subject matter to determine their position in the booklet. The cartoon on the right is the only one that is not a Maxine cartoon. But I couldn't resist because it fit right in with some of the others.

Some of the quotes on the Maxine cartoons were a little grainy when I downloaded them from the internet. They may be difficult to read here on the blog, but they are readable in person. Of course, most of us may need to put on our reading classes!!!!

And one more Maxine quote! I had the perfect stamp for the inside of the back cover. It talks about living life to the fullest.

On the back cover I took a picture of some grapes and typed over the image. The words may be difficult to read. They say... "Guaranteed to be 60 years old. Only the oldest, but finest grapes are used."
Here's to you Cara!!!! Happy 60th... and many more healthy years to come!

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Maggi said...

Love this book!!!! Thaks for sharing