Saturday, February 2, 2008

Background Noise - Paint Scrapping

The latest Background Noise Challenge is Paint Scrapping. Trish gave us 2 techniques to try, and try I did! I've cut a small piece of each and documented them in my Background Noise Journal. But I've also shown the larger samples below to get a better look at what I did. I think I need more practice. The object was to use acrylic paints and spread them onto the cardstock using a credit card. I tend to like the lighter colors more, I think because I would want to stamp over them.

Rainbow Paint Scrapping Technique

Here are my 2 experiments for this technique. I almost created a muddy mess with the piece on the left. In an effort to cover up all the empty card space I was criss-crossing the application with the credit card. I used blue, magenta, green, and purple, pretty bold colors.For the piece on the right I tried lighter colors: green yellow, purple and pink. I think I like this one better.

Random Paint Scrapping Technique

Here are the 2 experiments I did for this technique. I think I like the results of this more than the rainbow paint scrapping. For the piece on the left I used blues and pinks, and for the piece on the right I used greens and pinks.

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Dawn said...

Love your paint scrapings, I started mine today...!!! have to get a book tomorrow to put it all in lol (talk about keeping up eh?)