Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy 60th Mary!!!!

 This is it!!!  Mary is the last in our special group of friends to turn 60. Following is a picture of each page of her book.  She won't get this book until August when our group gathers for our annual picnic at the lake.
Pictures I had from Mary's 40th were perfect to use with the saying... "They say that 60 is the new 40".  Also, this picture was taken at the lake where we will be celebrating Mary's 60th this year.

If you didn't notice the horse charmed tied to the balloon on the cover,  you might guess by this first page that Mary is into horses.  In fact, she owns a horse.  So my new set of Stampin Up birthday stamps that center around shoes and boots were the perfect addition to Mary's book.
 On this and the next page I included more pictures taken at 2 different 40th birthday celebrations for Mary.
I used some decorative card stock that was in a pack of birthday specific papers.  This set of papers gave me the idea to go with the balloon theme on the cover of the book.
 I had a set of birthday related stamps that happened to have a balloon!!  And do you see the balloons that Mary has 'growing' out of her ears?
I have been collecting pictures from our group of friends and storing them on a disc so that I could make this and all the 60th birthday books I've made in the past for this group.  I was so glad to have them.
 I love the picture at the bottom of this page.  This was a belated, by about 20 years, bridal shower for Kathy.  I am sure I must have included this picture in Kathy's birthday book. 
We all, except for Kathy, wore old bridesmaids dresses.  Are we crazy, or what?
 We have lots of Christmas pictures together.  It has been a tradition to get together in late November.  We did try baking Christmas cookies for a couple of years.  In fact we still call it the Christmas Cookie party, but we either go to craft fairs or just sit around eating, drinking, and talking.
 I'm sorry to say that I have missed quite a few of these parties as we have been gone visiting relatives and friends.

And then there is the annual summer picnic held at our house at the lake.
We have been doing this since ... I don't know when... a long time!

 The photo in the upper left on this page is the most recent.   Over the years we've gone from swimming and tubing... to sitting and talking.  Not many of the group get in the water anymore, but everyone still loves the pontoon boat ride we take just before we eat.
 And at the summer party we usually celebrate the 3 summer birthdays.  Cara's is in July, and Kathy and Mary's are in August.
 We've done a couple of trips... whether they are day trips or weekend.  It would be nice to do that again, but it is amazing how difficult it is to plan based on everyone's schedules.
 Mary is a very creative person.  This picture was taken at my house as Mary and I help Laura become addicted to rubber stamping like we are.  Bert joined us for the day and did a great job of spoiling Bella, my niece Paige's dog.
 We got into hats a couple of times.  One time we had a special birthday party for Cara and we all created 'garden party' hats for the occasion.  Then another time we all viewed the movie "... Ya Ya  Sisterhood'" and stole their idea by creating unique hats for ourselves.  What a hoot!!!
 We sure do know how to have a good time and have a lot of laughs.
 These great pictures were taken at Susie's surprise birthday party.  Dick payed for it, but Cara did all the work.  Then we had this great idea to put on a 'fashion show' with some goofy looking outfits.
That is Bob and Mary is the lower left photo... boy, did they make great 'old' people.
 And finally the inside back cover.  Nothing special, just a simple birthday wish from me.
I hope Mary likes it!!!

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