Friday, March 29, 2013

Double Embossing Experiments

Earlier this month we (Pea, Maggi, Mary, and I) had a Cuttlebug play day at my house.  One of the techniques we tried was called Double Embossing.  I decided to play around with this technique trying out various embossing folders and inks because I think I am going to use this technique to create a card for my monthly shoebox group when we meet in April.  Following are the results of my experiments.  I'll explain the technique in general and then I'll identify the specific embossing folders and inks I used for each of the pictures shown....
You'll need a cuttlebug, 2 different embossing folders, and 2 different color inks.  Run your piece of cardstock through the cuttlebug with one of the embossing folders.  You are going to be using the 'debossed' side of the paper for this first part of the technique.   Now, take a stamp pad, or a brayer loaded with ink, and apply the ink to the 'debossed' side of the card stock.  I would suggest starting with a light pressure and use a swiping motion from one end of the paper to the other.  If you want more ink on the paper, or want the color to be darker use a little more pressure.  Also, I found that the results are better if you use a lighter color ink for this part of the technique.  Once the ink is dry, place the card stock into a different embossing folder so that you will be 'embossing' the image.  Now, take a different color of ink and apply to the embossed image.  Once again, you want to start out with light pressure and a swiping motion from one end of the card to the other so that you try to keep the second color of ink only on the 'embossed' (raised) sections of the paper.  One thing that I tried and I think helped to keep the second application of ink on the embossed/raised areas is.... when I placed the card stock into the second embossing folder I added a very thin shim on top of the 'sandwich' before running it through the cuttlebug.
So here are my experiments....
 Cuttlebug folder:   Divine Swirl
Ink:  Angel Pink Momento

Cuttlebug folder:  Stylized Flowers
Ink:  Bamboo Momento
 Sizzix folder:  Swirls
Ink on the top half:  Lulu lavendar momento
Ink on the bottom half:  Angel Pink momento

Cuttlebug folder:  Stylized Flowers
Ink on top half:  Sweet Plum Momento
Ink on bottom half:  Lilac Posies Momento

 Paper Studio folder:  Script
Ink:  Caramel Adirondack

Sizzix folder:  Sheet Music
Ink:  Pearlescent Ivy Momento
 Cuttlebug folder:  Musical Flourish
Ink:  Milled Lavendar Distress

Cuttlebug folder:  Allegro
Ink on top 2/3 of card:  Sweet Plum Momento
Ink on bottom 1/3 of card:  Grape Jelly Momento
 Cuttlebug folder:  Script
Ink:  Tumbled Glass Distress

Cuttlebug folder:  Fleur de Lis
Ink:  Faded Jeans Distress
 Paper Studio folder:  Mesh
Ink:  Tattered Rose Distress

Cuttlebug folder:  Numbers
Ink:  Aged Mahogoney Distress

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These look great! and of course I have my's the 3rd photo from the top. That one really catches my eye!