Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adrian's Soccer Book

My great nephew, Adrian, played soccer this Spring in a local recreational league.  He had a great time and we had an equally great time watching him and his team, The Red Lions.
Since I took a bunch of pictures at the 3 games I attended, I decided to make him a book that I'll give to him for his birthday this fall.
 I happened to have a ready made booklet with just the right amount of pages so I used it rather than create and bind my own.
I found a die cut and some soccer themed stickers at the craft stores to help me with this project.
 I also happened to have a small tablet of sports-themed paper that made a great background for most of the pages in the book.

 I mounted many of the pictures onto colored card stock and then trimmed it with my decorative edge scissors.  It was great to use items I've had in my stash for a while.
 Some of the pictures are pretty silly, but they indicate what a good time he was having with the team sport and they are fun to look at.
Think how much fun looking at this book will be in about 10 or 20 years!!!
 No, Adrian isn't excited because he scored a goal... even though I did use a sticker on this page that might indicate he did.  He is a fun loving kid that, like most, is full of energy.
 It was fun to see how the kids progressed over the weeks that they played.  Most of the kids were just beginners at this sport and didn't know any of the rules.
 Adrian really liked to be the goalie.  He did get to play that position often.  As an early birthday gift we bought him a couple of soccer nets so that he could play in his yard.
 I don't think anyone kept score even though there were a couple of referees at each of their games.  This was just an opportunity for the kids in his age group to have fun and learn some basics about team sports and soccer in particular.
 He is a happy guy.  He has soccer shoes, shin guards, and his own ball.
 There were times when the game wasn't moving fast enough for the kids... or... they just got too distracted and couldn't focus.

 Adrian's first game was a bit chilly, but as the weeks went on the weather improved and the kids didn't have to wear heavy clothes to play.
 At times the kids would get all bunched up around the ball.  It was a good thing they were wearing shin guards... there was a lot of kicking going on.
 The coaches were all volunteers and did a great job.  They were patient with the kids and would rotate them in and out of the game so that all the kids on each team got a chance to play.
 After the last game they had a little celebration for the kids.
Each team was set up at a table with decorated cupcakes for each team member.  Here is the Red Lion team enjoying their treats.
 There was no first place or last.  Each team member received a metal and each coach received a plague.
And here's our proud soccer player showing off his metal.
Way to go Adrian!!!

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