Saturday, June 6, 2009

Altered eyelet containers

We ran a swap called 'Recycle It'. The idea was to use a recycled item in your artwork. I had made something for my partner and mailed it, but she never received it. So today I decided to make a replacement item. I had been saving a bunch of empty eyelet containers expecting that someday I would find a use for them. Well, I finally came up with an idea and used 2 of them for this swap. Usually I save things forever, finally throw them out, and then about a month later think of a use for them!!!

Using a felt pad and the 3 alcohol inks shown in the picture, I colored the first eyelet container.

With a felt pad and these 3 alcohol inks I colored the second eyelet container.

Here is the completed pink container. I colored a fabric flower using the same felt pad and alcohol ink that I used on the container. After inserting a gold brad through the middle and winding a green paper covered wire around I then used a large glue dot to attach the flower . I used some diamond glaze to hold the wire stem to the top and then added a leaf button using a glue dot.

Here is the completed blue container. I used red line tape to attach silver trim around the side. I had some silver star buttons, so I cut off the shank and adhered them to the top with glue dots. Then I used silver glitter glue to create star streams so that they would look like shooting stars.

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Carol said...

Fabulous idea, these turned out gorgeous. Love all your recent additions to your blog.