Thursday, March 26, 2009

Botanical Booklet

In our Art Ventures Group Debbie is IT for the month of April. Her request was 'botanicals'. I had an idea so off I went to create. I have some large slide mounts (3 1/2 x 3 1/2"); they'd make a great booklet. I decided to make a page (side by side) that pertained to each of the 4 seasons. One side of the page would contain a pictures and the other side of the page would have a saying or quote pertinent to the specific season.

I colored each of the slide mounts using the lights and brights ranger alcohol inks I had just purchased about 2 weeks ago. It was fun playing with the new colors. I created lots of samples using various combinations.... and when I found a combination that I liked I used it on the slide mount.

The images I used for the 4 seasons were found on I sized them for use in the slide mounts and then printed them on photo paper.

I searched the internet for sayings that would be appropriate for each of the 4 seasons and I had 2 stamps that worked well for the front and back covers. I printed them off on colored cardstock to coordinate with the colors of the various pages and then cut them to size.

Here's the cover for Debbie's botanical booklet. Now, I know that botanicals encompasses more than just flowers, but I focused on flowers. So this saying and the addition of the flower petals in the corner seemed the perfect idea for the cover.

Springtime means tulips and daffodils; well, at least it does in Wisconsin. I hope it is also common in California, where Debbie lives.

When I think of summer I think of colorful flowers and butterflies. I love how this picture I found blends so well with the alcohol ink colors I used for the summer pages.

What better image to use than one beautifully colored fallen leaves! And I really liked the words I found to accompany the picture. It's from a children's song in the 1880's.

Even though Debbie lives in an area of California that doesn't see snow, I chose a picture of winter botanicals that would more likely be found in northern climates.

Since each page represented one of the four seasons I thought this quote about Nature and the seasons would be appropriate.
I hope Debbie likes the booklet!

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Carol said...

This is fabulous. What a great booklet!!! Thanks for showing off the new alcohol inks. Can't wait to see what else you create with them.