Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fishing Memories

I just completed these 2 small fishing books. On the left is the front cover and on the right is the back cover. Back in August my husband and Ken, a friend of ours, took Ken's son and son-in-law on a fishing trip to Canada. Their hopes were to have the 'boys' catch large Muskies... and they were successful. I thought it would be a great way to remember the trip with these small books. I had made a similar book for my husband a couple of years ago. Each book contains some pictures of the group and then pictures specific to the fish caught by each of the boys.
These are a couple of pages in the books. I used a graphics program to size the 4 x 6" photos so they would fit in this small book. The book on the top shows the inside front cover where I copied a map of the lake where they were fishing.

Here again are a couple of the pages from each of the two books. Since my husband loves to fish, I tend to have a few fishing related stamps that I can use to embellish projects like this one.

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