Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christmas Gifts

I found some paper mache boxes at Hobby Lobby about a month ago; they were so cute with the reindeer on them. I thought they would be easier to paint than they were. The reindeer are raised images and I planned to paint the background first and then with a light touch go over the reindeer with the metallic paint...forget that!!! It worked best to paint the reindeer with a very fine brush first and then paint the background with some acrylic paints I mixed together to get the red and green I wanted. What a pain it was to paint in all the small areas surrounding the antlers and legs!!! I bought some wood pieces to use for the feet on the boxes and for the handle on the top...painted those with metallics to match the reindeer. They turned out pretty good...not perfect, but pretty good. Now, I just need to decide who I will give these to for Christmas???!!!

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