Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Altered Apron

I'm finished!!!  Here is a shot of my altered apron that was started during our WI Art Camp in October.  The only thing I added since the art camp are the 2 TAP transfers of our art camp group.  Here is a run down of who did what to my apron; I'll start at the top and work my way down the apron from left to right...
- Maggi created a small pin using friendly plastic we played with during our art camp.  It is in the upper left corner of my apron.
- Jan drew the artistic letter 'C' in the top center.
- Pea created the friendly plastic black and white checkered heart that is velcroed onto the apron just below the 'C'.
- I added the pic of Molly that had placed on a TAP transfer.
-  I added the small butterfly transfer on the left side.
- And there is the TAP transfer that Margaret sent to all of us.  It is a pic of all of us in our altered aprons.
-  Carol drew the butterfly on the right side using fabric markers.
- Margaret applied glittery paint over a flowered stencil and then added gems in the center of some of the flowers.
- Pea stenciled the letters 'W', 'A', and 'C' for WI Art Camp.  I added the other letters using scribbles fabric paint.
- I added the smaller TAP transfer of our artsy group that Margaret also sent to us next to Pea's WAC.
- I drew the fish using the scribbles fabric paint.
- Bev hand embroidered the word 'create' onto a piece of burlap fabric and then added a decorative button and flower before attaching to the  apron using french knots.  I'll bet she thought she'd never finish.
- Mary had stamped an image onto a piece of muslin and added some color prior to art camp.  Then she sewed it onto the apron pocket.
Needless to say... I don't think any of us will wash these aprons and take the chance of losing all the wonderful artwork.  It was a fun project and I think everyone enjoyed it.

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