Monday, August 6, 2012

Domino Collage

 I finally finished my domino collage yesterday!!!  This was a project that our WI Art Camp group worked on in October of 2011.  It is about time that I finished... don't you think???
All I had to do was complete the beading around 3 of the sides and then add any other embellishments the piece needed.

Here you can see the beading on the right side of the collage.  After finishing the beading on the remaining 3 sides I added the black and silver cording around all 4 sides of the collage using red line tape.  It helped to hide the wire mesh that was attached to the back of the collage which was used to aid in beading.

Here is the beading on the left side of the collage.
I also added some silver liquid pearls to embellish the stamped flourish.  And I added some black enamel accents to the stamped torso image.  I had some pearl heart shaped brads so I snipped off the back of the brad and attached the white pearl heart using glossy accents.
I would do this again, but one thing I learned was that I used far too much glue between the dominoes.... since it 'oozed' up to the surface.

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