Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leanna's 2009 Cross Country Medals

Our granddaughter, Leanna, completed her 2nd year running cross country for Muskego Middle School. She had a fabulous year... a medal in every race!!! While I had been putting together the shadow box with her 2008 awards I had the idea for the layout I used for her 2009 awards. I painted a cross country trail on mat board and then attached the medals along the trail. I created a label for each of the races that provides date, location, and place that Leanna took at that race. The small blue and yellow flags represent the flags that are used at the races to inform the runners whether to turn right or left. I found some cute sayings with regard to cross country so I used them along with some pictures I took at the races to embellish the shadow box. I found this shadow box at Michael's and love it!!! You can create 4 layers inside the box. The upper left and lower right corners were positioned at the 2nd layer and the display of medals is positioned at the 4th or furthest layer from glass. It allows you to create dimension to the display.

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