Saturday, February 6, 2010

Altered star box

Back in November, I and 3 friends got together for a play day. My friend Mary, who hosted the event, has a lot of paper mache boxes and wood beads. This star-shaped box was already the white and gold color that you see here. I did paint the sides of the top a solid gold, but that was all I did with regard to the box. I also used a large round bead for the head and 5 disc-shaped beads for the feet; all beads were painted with gold acrylic paint. I didn't finish the box while at Mary's house that day; in fact, I just finished it a couple of days ago!
The angel wings are from Tim Holtz's grunge board shapes. I placed a few angelina fibers between a couple of pieces of fantasy film and heated, then I cut them the shape of the wings and glued them onto both sides of the wings.
The angel's face was stamped onto a piece of white card stock, colored, cut out, and glued to the bead. I used a couple of small nails to attach the wings to the head, and in the process cracked the wood bead, but it is not easily visible (thank goodness; I didn't want to start over). Before gluing the head to the box top I formed a piece of gold wire into a halo, punched the end through the top of the box and secured on the inside of the box top. After the glue used to secure the head was dry I wrapped one small piece of ribbon around the head to hide the puddle of glue, and I took another piece of ribbon that I tied into a bow and attached it in front of the head.
Here's a better look at the wood beads I used for the feet. After painting them with gold acrylic paint I glued one to each of the points of the star. I liked the unusual shape of these beads. My friend was happy to get rid of the beads; she has many of them in her stash. You know how that goes...

So, now it is February and I finally finished the box. Getting it done had nothing to do with the amount of work I put into this project or the difficulty of doing any of it. It all had to do with fitting it in between the other things I was working on for the months of Dec and Jan!
It feels good to finish it. I don't like to leave craft projects unfinished... although, you'd never guess that if you saw the number of items that are still 'in progress'!!!

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Micki said...

wow that is adorable. I love it!