Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art Doll

Another swap on CCSwaps..... Art Doll
I stamped images on memory glass for the face/head and body. Before placing the memory glass into the frames I wrapped some thin artistic wire around the body frame for the arms and legs; I also cut a fabric flowers apart to use as wings. The petals were sprayed with Aileen's color mist to match the teal stazon ink I used when stamping on the glass. I place a little Diamond Glaze onto both sides of the ends of the flower petals, and a small drop onto the corners of the memory glass, before placing another unstamped piece of memory glass on top. Once that dried I wrapped the memory frame around the pieces of glass and secured it . I only used the one stamped piece of frosted memory glass for the head.
I strung beads on the arms and legs. She needed something more so I cut off the tabs on a heart brad and attached to the glass body with a small glue dot.
I attached the 2 memory frames to each other by wrapping silver wire around the 2 ends. I didn't like the way that looked so I took some silver ribbon and tied a bow around the neck of the doll.

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Carol said...

So creative. love it!