Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My artsy friends, Maggi and Pea, had a play day on Monday (Jan 21). We worked with polymer clay; it was my first time. In October we will be attending an art retreat right in our back yard...Cedarburg, WI. We hope to take a class from Laurie Mika so we thought we'd better start practising!!!! I know, we're possessed!!!
These are my experiments. I used some white sculpey clay which I scored patterns into and then painted after it was baked. I also used some violet premo clay and rubbed in some pearl-ex before baking.
I was glad we did this; I think I'll need to play some more. I found some things that worked and some that didn't. I may buy a pasta machine to condition the clay as it was very tough to do it by hand!! I also discovered that I will need some different types of stamps like frames, shrines, and texture stamps. Oh, and I'm a little color challenged so I'll need to work on that too!!

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Dawn said...

beautiful clay pieces, if you are thinking about buying a pasta machine won't it be worth seeing if there is one on e bay (just a thought)
looks like you had a great day x